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Errors 400 and 500 series

403 Error Message


This error is a great error (-:

It testifies to our advanced security system. It is likely that you received the error when you tried to write code for”Hadar” Or to”Potter”. Very rarely due season you will get the error in an attempt to save a page or post, and this is because you snuck into the text what it suspicious character.
Divide the text into parts and each part separately maintained until you find the wayward character.


Enter the server, Your server address is a combination of the domain and more Nkodotim and the number 2038

for example:

Then check out the security tab (step one)

And then click the green symbol picture.

Turn off security, Imitate half a minute, Follow you wanted the site and do not forget to turn on after you finish!!!


step one

second level

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