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WordPress does not send email

There are various reasons for the inability of WordPress send an email or not the arrival of mail in your mailbox.
We'll count several.

First see if WordPress can not send mail.

Will install the plugin Post SMTP

Post SMTP Mailer/Email Log

We test all shipping is done:

If the shipment is made (Check your spam box), Still have not received the email, Set the al-Jumayyil your system when sending email instead mechanism of WordPress.
In case you send mail box Attracting domain, The right thing to do is to create a unique mail box delivery purposes. For example:

Setting mail delivery:

More articles on web hosting :

Transfer emails CPANEL

Transfer miles with”Shrinking the old server and new server deployment is recommended to open the mail box with the old password, This does not have to reconfigure Outlook Password Checking

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