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Moving WordPress site using the plugin

The transfer is made using the plugin. All-in-One WP Migration And with the help of his extension That we We will provide for you
You must install the target database version There Of extension that can get us. For the extension send us a message.

    1. Tighten the server folder uploads. Folder Path :
    2. Install the plugin.
    3. Make a backup of the site p”The plugin.
    4. Copy the backup address.

אם הפנתם את הדומיין החדש לשרת, דלגו על שלב 5

  1. Drew the hosts file to view the new site. Instructions here
  2. Install WordPress target site
  3. Install the plugin Received us (The plugin you will receive from us is an unlimited file size version)
  4. התקינו את התוסף all-in-one-wp-migration-url-extension Received us
  5. Upload the file you created to the extension or use upload from URL, שם הכניסו את הכתובת שהעתקתם בסעיף 4.
    And follow the instructions. The last stage has a chance to be thrown out the management of its.
  6. Enter Second , Go to settings and save the link structure, exactly Like the old site.
  7. Balmntor, If you have a website, Do obviate security of the procedure of replacement of such a domain if carried out
  8. If you changed a domain in the process, you should also refresh Elementor's CSS files (Elementor – dishes)
  9. If you do not see pictures, מחקו את תיקיית uploads בשרת החדש ופירסו את התיקיה המכווצת שיצרתם בסעיף 1 , After deployment, Delete the folder has shriveled.
  10. Check out the site, Referred to the new server domain and disable the reference Bkobf hosts
  11. Once the referrals are complete, (עד 24 שעות) Install SSL

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