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Establishment of a development environment

Attached”In an explanation of the establishment of a development environment with the help of the Softaculous application in CPANEL. For domains that do not have a record that allows you to create a subdomain, And control of unavailable records is possible

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Store multiple sites under one CPANEL

We will explain here the method of storing several sites under the same account. The method is not recommended due to security issues. It is recommended to open a separate account for each site.

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Installing SSL in CPANEL

pay attention, Deleting Server Certificate Attempts to install certificate on dry. Final installation. In the case photographed, You will see that many attempts have been made on “dry”. In the end

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Moving WordPress site using the plugin

The transfer is made using the plugin. All-in-One WP Migration ובעזרת הרחבה שלו שאנו נספק לכםיש להתקין באתר היעד גרסה ישנה של התוסף אותה ניתן לקבל מאיתנו. לקבלת

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Transfer emails CPANEL

Transfer miles with”Shrinking the old server and new server deployment is recommended to open the mail box with the old password, This does not have to reconfigure Outlook Password Checking

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