Hosting Free graphic designers and web developers

Graphic / A ? Builder / A Website? Get free storage for your customers for construction site.

How many times have you sent the customer to buy storage?

How many times did not know what to say when asked to show the building site because you built it on your PC?

Then, We have a solution for you.

We opened an account Fast Storage Your customer, And he will pay only the end of the storage building (Up to three months)

This will build his site comfortably and show him the job.

In addition, we will get a number of pro-level extensions, free.

The site will be built under the sub domain.

Want free storage for?
Contact us by email or Otzaf and you open an account.

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Leave? Invite you to consider.

  • Our hosting packages, RAM 3G which is rare in the industry, Your sites will fly
  • Servers LiteSpeed ​​technology, Which means your site will fly
  • Backup seven days recently and external backup option!!!!! - Sure your site
  • You will get a template installation, Almntor Peru, Cache plugin, Shrinking extension pictures and more
  • Month Free Trial, Free Website Transfer.

Questions? Let's talk, Send us a message

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