why U.S?

internetwork is a hosting company that has decided to trust its services on servers In some of the largest companies in the world,
To provide stability, Security and maximum speed..
Unlike many companies that maintain by themselves Their servers With a limited number of staff,
Our servers are monitored 7/24 by the shifts of dozens of people in the parent companies.

hezner Germany


Star Communications in Israel

More 8 Reasons Why We

7/24 Emergency Support

Support routine 08:30-17:00


Support Operations Training includes storage panel and his definitions Solutions
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Security and Encryption

Free encryption key + Firewall


Click Install SSL, fire wall, And a system to prevent denial-of-service (ddos)
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99.987% server availability


Zmzminot performed by servers"The mirror servers which come into immediate action if there is a problem with the server. This will give a live 7/24
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Lightspeed servers
Optical Fiber Communication
Free Site Acceleration


Lightspeed server technology with proven fastest, All storage companies are using technology to which we have already passed a few years ago
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Our prices are excellent


You can to find lower-cost low-quality storages, Without adequate backup and security
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Express Install

Installing WordPress
And other applications

Express Install

Including installing and click development environment to a website live. All easily
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Hard disks ssd


Sometimes companies will get cheaper slower disks. Not his. Even the cheapest storage configuration gets SSD disks
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Seven days back an external server

Backup remote server

In addition we keep you back up to two months back.
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Leave? Invite you to consider.

  • Our hosting packages, RAM 3G which is rare in the industry, Your sites will fly
  • Servers LiteSpeed ​​technology, Which means your site will fly
  • Backup seven days recently and external backup option!!!!! - Sure your site
  • You will get a template installation, Almntor Peru, Cache plugin, Shrinking extension pictures and more
  • Month Free Trial, Free Website Transfer.

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